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Pronunciation: 'li-m&-rik, 'lim-rik
Function: noun
Etymology: Limerick, Ireland
: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of 3 feet and lines 3 and 4 are of 2 feet with a rhyme scheme of aabba.

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Not sure of the meter? Sing the limerick to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock and see if it flows correctly.

Contributions that do not have the correct meter or rhyme will be removed — in a kind and caring fashion, of course. :-)

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I love tacos so much        (Pyro)
Harry Potter is unbelivia        (Olivia)
I met a girl at Mkibbins        (Anon.)

HINT: Fourth line should have 4, 5, or 6 syllables and the last syllable should rhyme with the last syllable of line 3.

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Archive (latest 50 limericks) 

I just moved to the city        (Anon.)
New york        (Jon)
Drinking        (Anon.)
An Eagle was passing        (Anon.)
there was a great aunt named winnie        (Anon.)

David throws up        (Anon.)
David drinks 7 beers        (Anon.)
Ingwon loves Wen        (Anson)
there once was a boy named johnny        (Anon.)
energy revolution        (Anon.)

Today is the birthday of        (Michelle)
drejn        (wea)
wew        (losa)
hun        (asif)
eens        (khara)

I do enjoy work with semantics        (cc)
Words with a sense of dramatic        (cc)
But thinking of soup        (cc)
with such a fun group        (cc)
pop        (Anon.)

There once was a girl who loved books        (Anon.)
Captain Hook thought she was a crook        (OR3O)
Her mom was good and should get her more books        (Anon.)
Even though she still loved Captain Hook        (Anon.)
She had a love for Peter Pan and his fairy        (Lili)

There is a young man        (woo)
who is a        (Richard)
She slept all day        (Tessa )
There was a women        (She)
simon        (Anon.)

There was once a woman called natalia        (Anon.)
There was once a boy name Rhys        (rhysie)
There was once a Squadron called UB-ass        (Sheppeck)
and said he needed a pull        (katty)
Sarah        (Anon.)

HINT:        (HINT:)
Hoi Temmy        (HINT:)
Hiiii        (HINT:)
Hickory        (HINT:)
He had a massive inpay        (No HINT:)

There was a wrestler from USA        (Cena)
He had a massive inpay        (LoBo)
And he came slitherin' in...        (The stick)
Watch out watch out watch out...        (The Undertaker)
RKO out of nowhere        (21 PIL0TS)

there was a man from sydney        (LoBo)
He literally just turned thirty        (The stick)
For his pressie        (Cena)
He got all messy        (The Undertaker)
And he got a ticket to see Messi        (21 PIL0TS)

there was a guy called Mick who just turned 60        (the stick)
he need the toilet so he could pee        (LoBo)
the clover of luck said 'what do you want'        (Cena)
he replied 'just a grant'        (The Undertaker)
THe clover said "oh yes oh yes i see        (21 PIL0TS)

There once was a man from Cork        (Anon.)
There is a nice lady named kerry        (Birthday )
There was a young man called kalan        (Anon.)
sarah        (Anon.)
hull shirt rudder        (dennett)

look at all the lonely people        (Anon.)
There once was a man called Harold        (Anon.)
he's self assured        (Anon.)
but his cat was a turd        (LN)
and ate the 20 dollar bill        (Anon.)

I have a dream        (Anon.)
Another Towey Birthday        (PJ)
tree        (Anon.)
dog        (Anon.)
apple        (Berry)

A pilchard caught swimming off dover        (Anon.)
Drank a lot of beer        (nolan)
Mel        (Anon.)
matt        (Anon.)
Stay up all night and then all day again        (Helen Gilligan )

Happy Birthday Mr. Riley        (Anon.)
There was a student called Chris        (Chris)
He loves to play soccer        (Chris)
There was a old man called        (Danny)
i once knew a nurse        (Anon.)

my name is andrew        (Anon.)
i fall down a lot        (Anon.)
and I like to smoke pot        (Anon.)
so come here bitch, you're my thot        (Anon.)
And suck this dick cuz im hot        (Ash the OG Nigga)

there was a girl daisy        (Anon.)
who was very cracy        (Anon.)
she loves to dance        (Anon.)
as she was from france        (Anon.)
but no one said her grcy        (Anon.)

Drank a lot of beer        (Craig)
Gusset        (Zander)
Instalad        (James)
Apprentice I am        (Anon.)
there was a girl daisy        (Anon.)

Happy Birthday        (Gabriella)
summer        (Anon.)
this year was a lot funner        (Anon.)
ogre        (Ogre)
Andrea        (Anon.)

Hiiii        (Anon.)
Hiiii        (Anon.)
Hiiii        (Anon.)
Hiiii        (Anon.)
Hiiii        (Anon.)

Once a pona time there was a hag        (Anon.)
Who had a bag        (Anon.)
In the bag was a potion        (Anon.)
The potion was used on a god and made a proton explosion        (Anon.)
that destroyed the unoiverse        (Anon.)

Lee        (Babe)
Once a pona time there was a hag        (Lucy Ola)
Who had a bag        (Lucy Ola)
The bag has a potion        (Anon.)
Witch the potion wads used on was a proton        (Anon.)

There was a man called        (Steve)
Who ate all the biscuits        (Anon.)
There was a girl called        (Katie)
There was a lady called        (Kirsty)
Lee        (Cariad)

Zabix        (Anon.)
He hated my car in the shed        (Anon.)
Hi        (Anon.)
HshsieiwbcN ft have        (Anon.)
Ha        (Anon.)

there was once        (Anon.)
but his friend        (Anon.)
loved        (Anon.)
saw        (Anon.)
so he decided        (Anon.)

There once was a man who loved steak        (El Gato)
But his friend served hin tuna instead        (Anon.)
he was ok with tuna        (avi)
And so was Luna        (Anon.)
So a fine dinner it did make        (Anon.)

in a devon village called south zeal        (j)
had a certain country appeal        (j)
I once met a man named        (Niall)
There once was a man called        (gill)
cat        (cat)

There once was a woman named        (Tina)
To be precise named TIna        (Arena)
It is her Birthday        (Anon.)
On this Saturday        (Anon.)
So all day she can be a dive        (Anon.)

There once was a chef named        (Ken)
He became a sales guy and sold spices in the end        (Ken)
He worked with a group named Ram        (Anon.)
The best thing he said at the end        (Anon.)
gh        (simon)

There she was dreaming        (Kasi)
Of a knight shining        (Kasi)
Smack on the desk        (Kasi)
Her head smacked the table        (Kasi)
pythagorean therom math trash bash        (Anon.)

Mrs. Lazaruk, oh so sweet and smart        (Thvisha)
She liked her daily with a tart        (Kasi)
She felt an itch        (Kasi)
Could this be a switch        (Kasi)
This avacado will turn me into dead art        (Kasi)

there once was a man hater called emma        (Anon.)
Who had lots of dilemmas        (Sahi)
He hadn't succeeded        (Anon.)
There one        (Anon.)
There once was a Sheila named Holly        (Jolly)

Maam, there's a mouse in your stew!        (Anon.)
i don't care its good for my poo!        (Anon.)
oh my she said        (Me not you)
get into my bed        (Anon)
Loves to play soccer        (Sammy)

Silly Silky Cupid was a really really big fool        (Anon.)
there once was a lady named mel        (Anon.)
who sat on a stool        (booperdooper)
There once was a general surgeon on call        (Anon.)
who fell in love with patients stools        (Fautas)

silly cupid        (sy5chat)
silly cupid        (sy5chat)
Went to swim in a pool        (Mary Lou)
Where he knew he would definitely rule        (Anon.)
But really he was quite stupid        (Anon.)

Their once was a woman call Irene        (Anon.)
Simon        (Lianne)
Simon        (Lianne)
Hula hoop        (Lianne)
there once was a person named julia        (julia)

I once know a young man named max        (max)
There was once a        (Pineapple)
forks and corks are in to the loo while someone was doing a poo        (Anon.)
vanessa        (Anon.)
Car camera swim dinner        (Tom)

The American Revolution (1775-83) is also known as the American Revolutionary War and the U.S. War o        (Anon.)
Milt        (Anon.)
I am considerate        (Anon.)
World War II was fought between the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) and the Allied Powers (Brita        (Anon.)
There once was a girl named        (GemmA)

chris        (pringle)
Lucas dribbles around the clock        (Nana and Papa )
He picked up the ball        (Anon.)
And laughed a loud guffaw        (Anon.)
The American Revolution (1775-83) is also known as the American Revolutionary War and the U.S. War o        (Anon.)

zit goreat to be rnhere        (Anon.)
i like school a lot        (Anon.)
there was a young man named        (Liam)
COLIN        (COL)
Alan        (Jezza)

There was a nice girl called        (Leilani)
who said she was never sorry        (Aari)
one day something happened        (Anon.)
her heart blackened        (Anon.)
she is no longer marry        (Anon.)

Amy was much like a cat        (Amy)
Lived in japan        (Jessica )
cock sniff        (Aaron)
ppoooo        (Aaron)
fdgdfgsdfgsdf        (Anon.)

P45 IS NOT ALIVE        (Anon.)
There was a young girl called Kate        (Anon.)
Looking for a date        (Eimear)
There was once a young lady from Västerås        (Michaela)
It was her birthday of course        (Anon.)

There once was a lady from Grosse Ile        (Anon.)
There once was a scout called Frankie        (Anon.)
Whose job had him steal from the bank        (Anon.)
A brown envelope, on his desk he had hoped        (Anon.)
it was really, really, unforgivably bad. his wife left him,        (Anon.)

There once was a mutant person        (Anon.)
He/She was called "No Gender Darwin"        (Anon.)
He/She got caught in a net        (Anon.)
He/She was a lovely pet        (Anon.)
He/She was really good at action!        (Anon.)

max        (Anon.)
there once was a goober named        (Doug)
dug        (issy)
he liked to roll on a rug        (issy)
Ed        (Anon.)

there was lady called shirley        (mick)
who lived in a town called purley        (Anon.)
I work at a place called Lenhart        (Anon.)
There was a young lady called Sarah        (Rick)

Blah        (Anon.)
Theres a boy named alan        (Gary)
makes decisions that don’t confuse        (confuse )
who with his genitalia regularly abuse        (Conky)
she yelp why daddy why        (anon)

I was walking down the street        (Zander)
And I saw a girl with feet        (Zander)
The man was dancing to the beat        (Anon.)
Could you give me that seat        (Anon.)
i wont go        (dildy do)

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