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Pronunciation: 'li-m&-rik, 'lim-rik
Function: noun
Etymology: Limerick, Ireland
: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of 3 feet and lines 3 and 4 are of 2 feet with a rhyme scheme of aabba.

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Not sure of the meter? Sing the limerick to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock and see if it flows correctly.

Contributions that do not have the correct meter or rhyme will be removed — in a kind and caring fashion, of course. :-)

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HINT: Fourth line should have 4, 5, or 6 syllables and the last syllable should rhyme with the last syllable of line 3.

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There was a young lady called sarah        (Anon.)
There was an ex sailor called Steve        (James)
Youngest engineer he would achieve        (Anon.)
3 daughters he has, it couldn;t be bad, except when shopping on xmas eve        (Anon.)

There once was a boy called George        (George)
There was once a cat called Thea        (Anon.)
this cat went on many adventures and had sex with multiple other cats        (Anon.)
and had multiple kids        (messy)
what do you think        (messy)

There once was a wife called Von        (Anon.)
There once was a woman named Ja'Nae        (Anon.)
Chapter 7 Deuces wild Community based Chicago,IL David Gage Carnell Jarrell        (Anon.)
hambougror        (chack)
There was a teacher called paddy        (Tony)

there once was a man named chris        (chris)
There was a young man called Mick        (Anon.)
Hamza        (Bumza )
Conor        (Anon.)
pish        (Anon.)

Our choir needed straight lines        (Anon.)
To stop hearing this man whine        (Anon.)
asdf        (Anon.)
asdf        (Anon.)
asdf        (Anon.)

There once was a man named Si        (Anon.)
Who was quite fond of apple pie        (Anon.)
Cara        (Anon.)
Abigail        (Anon.)
Janelle        (Nell)

The ego knows no bounds        (Anon.)
It satisfies itself by inflicting wounds        (Anon.)
All that matters is to win        (Anon.)
Let there be scheming and let there be din        (Anon.)
Open pollinated coffee grounds        (Anon.)

one        (Anon.)
two        (Anon.)
three        (Anon.)
Buy three eggs and get a hen for free        (Anon.)
Everything's about your chicken        (Anon.)

Nikita likes anime        (Anon.)
He always wants one for his birthday        (Anon.)
But this is Sinterklaas        (Anon.)
And this looks suspicious        (Anon.)
Maybe he'll get some on father's day        (Anon.)

There once was a girl called Romy        (Anon.)
She was always quite lonely        (Anon.)
Smashing iphones daily        (Anon.)
She is rather boney        (Anon.)
Cause she just wanted pepperoni        (Anon.)

There once was a girl called Romy        (Anon.)
She was always quite lonely        (Anon.)
Smashing iphones daily        (Anon.)
Moving so slowly        (Anon.)
She just wanted pepperoni        (Anon.)

There once was a girl called Eva        (Diva)
Christmas is amazing        (Anon.)
and she was a diva, while everyone celebrated Christmas        (Anon.)
She rode on her sledges        (Anon.)
Her sledgedogs were ill with fever        (Anon.)

There was a man called Franklin        (Anon.)
Who loved to play the violin        (Anon.)
I went to say hello        (Anon.)
And he began playing the cello        (Anon.)
I was embarrased to have barged in        (Anon.)

one rainy day walking was steve        (Anon.)
he made everyone believe        (crunch)
the lashing rain is nothing to fear        (Anon.)
put your best foot forward and steer clear        (Anon.)
the blues aren't forever here        (Anon.)

There was a lady from India        (Anon.)
She was on social media        (Anon.)
She was cray        (Anon.)
That or lazy        (Anon.)
All she ate was cereal        (Anon.)

There once was a man from Brazil        (Anon.)
He roamed at his free will        (Anon.)
Some say he was mad        (Anon.)
Only he was a nomad        (Anon.)
But all he meant was goodwill        (Anon.)

There was a young man called rob        (Kenna)
he nearly began to sob        (me)
He got up and left        (Anon.)
But almost wept        (Anon.)
Oh poor rob        (Anon.)

There once was a girl named pat        (Anon.)
There once was a girl named jen        (Anon.)
she likes to sleep        (Anon.)
and to count sheep        (Anon.)
she'd sleep and write in pen        (bridge)

There once was a fellow from Beaver        (Anon.)
Swore he'd turn the whole world to believers        (FLITTEN240)
He abandoned his seat        (FLITTEN240)
He rose to his feet        (FLITTEN240)
Found he truly was an achiever        (FLITTEN240)

There once was a young boy named        (Lucky Luc)
I hope that your vision isn't blurred.        (Lindsey Duck)
Y'all messed it up        (Tiff)
There once was a fellow from Beaver        (FLITTEN240)
Let's start over        (Tiff)

Sup bro how is life going?        (No Name)
Gang gang pulling Jackets here word        (Vinny Chi )
Same These jacets trying to get my arms word        (Vinny Chi )
Sup bro do you have the bling?        (Anon.)
I just gave it to ling-ling        (Anon.)

Why is so hard to write a Limerick?        (Anon.)
I don't want to this Mr. Prick        (Anon.)
Cotton candy is so fluffy        (Anon.)
Can someone get me some coffee?        (Anon.)
Why am I still writing this Limerick?        (Anon.)

Pack your bag kids        (adlin)
skkrt skrrt        (Anon,)
Gang Gang        (Anon,)
boi        (Anon,)
Stop pulling my skirt        (Anon.)

Ducks are fluffy poof birds        (Anon.)
I hope that your vision isn't blurred.        (Anon.)
Have some ice cream cake.        (Anon.)
Don't eat too much or you'll ache.        (Anon.)
Your views will be heard gladly.        (Anon.)

There once was a youngster called Marcel        (Anon.)
whose passion for squid was enourmous        (Anon.)
He found Maricel        (Anon.)
it was love oh so deep        (Anon.)
for she's sweet, smart and so gorgeous        (Anon.)

There once was a young lass, quite pretty        (Alessia)
She found a witty bloke chill and pretty        (Anon.)
She woke up from the dream as the alarm struck seven        (Anon.)
He was neither pretty nor chill and rather uneven        (Anon.)
She slept again and woke up really late        (Anon.)

There was a fickle man called Noah        (rudra)
He thought he was a blessing        (Anon.)
He went on messing        (Anon.)
Without even guessing        (Anon.)
It's been a decade since he was a curse        (Anon.)

There was a fickle man called Noah        (Anon.)
He swore he new when it was over        (Anon.)
And said, "Here's to new beginnings!"        (Anon.)
"Or maybe the last of endings."        (Anon.)
The ghosts of his enemies hover.        (Anon.)

There once was a Phi named Ryan        (Anon.)
There once was a short man called mike        (Anon.)
When they stole a bike        (Anon.)
And hid it behind a pike        (Anon.)
The police tried to capture them and they ran        (Anon.)

im ready to go home        (areej)
im positive im not alone        (areej)
this is a long day        (areej)
but its wednesday so yay        (areej)
homeswork just so tiring you know        (areej)

I use to look up        (anon)
but now i look down        (anon)
my once turned up smile        (Anon.)
is now a crooked frown        (anon)
ya        (Anon.)

There once was a man named Tom.        (Anon.)
Who was also a living time bomb.        (Anon.)
He'd go through his day        (Anon.)
But try as he may        (Anon.)
he would never stay        (anon)

There once was a woman on Venus        (Anon.)
start        (Anon.)
a new        (Anon.)
limerick        (Anon.)
now        (Anon.)

Don't fall just stand up and cry        (:))
tom is a perfect gentleman        (kia)
you messed it up        (Anon.)
So now you'll get no pup        (Dylan)
fjdklsa;        (Anon.)

Gucci gang gucci gang        (Dan the Man)
I am the man my mang        (Anon.)
Got a plan understand?        (Dan the Man)
do you like ham        (areej)
I understand        (TeeTee)

In your gleaming radiance        (Breeeemo)
Your crimes that were heinous        (Breeeemo)
and became hideus        (Natalia)
I could argue your proposal        (timmy)
Gucci gang I am the vassal        (Anon.)

Jo        (Anon.)
Christmas is a time to defuse        (Anon.)
he groaned and moaned        (Anon.)
Line 5 here        (Anon.)
i like to eat        (Simmy)

there once was a golfer called neil        (Anon.)
Mr nell was a small small fell        (MAD)
this poem is bad        (critic)
and it is quite sad        (critic)
this truth is a thing i must tell        (critic)

santa on his sleigh came in to pay        (mike)
he slipped and fell on a pile of hay        (coward)
after landing on his butt he couldn't help but strut        (jeff)
he had gifts for those who prayed        (ian)
period        (osaka)

he was a lovely peaceful duck        (Anon.)
who just wants dksjbsaj        (Anon.)
He loves cars        (Callum)
chloe        (Anon.)
That lovely young man        (mike)

there was a man named adam        (ss)
Sarah        (Anon.)
Becky        (Anon.)
There was a man named frank        (Anon.)
There was a biker called Don        (Anon.)

Freud        (Anon.)
The rummer        (Anon.)
He left Lebanon        (asd)
In the summer        (Anon.)
computer craphics card        (Anon.)

There once was a man from Spain        (jhg)
He was always in a lot of pain        (jhg)
He sat on a log        (jkh)
and croaked like a frog        (jhg)
Until he could board the train.        (h)

my uncles name was doc        (Anon.)
He was a real cock        (Anon.)
He looked like        (Brooks)
And never since had a        (Neil)
karl        (paula)

There once was a woman named Sarah        (Anon.)
she was a fucking ray of sunshine and we all hated her. that remids me of this won time actually whe        (gladys)
I blew up the planet        (buttz)
And Sarah said "damn it"        (Anon.)
William Blake        (Anon.)

there once was a girl called        (hannah)
Yucheng        (Anon.)
He fucked up a calf        (John)
There once was a young man called David        (Anon.)
this is shit        (Anon.)

What do i say about mr trump?        (Anon.)
oh yeah, he is a cunt        (Anon.)
that bitch belongs in a dump        (Anon.)
so that he can fuck a chip munk        (Anon.)
and that shit licker smells like a skunk        (Anon.)

er was eens een jonge uit gronigen        (jasmij)
Hickory dickory dock some bastard sucked on my cock        (red)
OH FUCK, IT WAS MR. SPOCK!!        (bluebaby)
Her mouth attached to my dick like a lock        (Anon.)
And fried up my balls in a wok        (lol)

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